Father you are to all on earth
Plans you make to mould our birth
Odd you are to all things myth
Your love so deep to firm our faith.

Our body, your image you gave us life
Mind it whispers your thought to us
Soul you gave, for eternal it is
It’s all that returns to you from here.

Men in grief, despair we are
Traitors we often break our trusts
Never would you leave us to stray
For endless your love so deep inside.

Broken I curse my life in vain
Hapless I find this course on soil
Dismay, in pain and all frenzy things
Walked I off from you Oh! Lord.

Blaze of a meteor, the planets and stars
All in tact, all spheres well placed
Our brains too short to contain it all
Mystery the word it speaks for you.

Father Oh! God, you’re the only one
Your mercy that’s great has spared us all
Still never would one discern the truth
For pains we bring to Him all new